Happy Super New Moon in Pisces! I know, it happened on the 10th yet I’m recording this on the day of the Moon and feeling into that Pisces energy as well as the end of the year/wrapping things up energy. We do find ourselves at this Moon in the last sign of the Zodiac year. Pisces allows some space for swimming in the potential and exploring possibilities before we head into fired up Aries season ready to take charge and make moves as we leap into Spring and the new Zodiac year.

On this Divine Feminine solo episode I share my take on the energies of this final New Moon of the year, a Super New Moon in Pisces. I offer some ways to embrace these last days of Pisces season and the 2023/24 Zodiac year and allow some free flowing, swimming in the void as we wrap things up and consider what the next year will bring. I also provide a little guided mediation and pull a Moonology card which are always timeless whenever you hear it.

Moonology Oracle Cards: https://www.yasminboland.com/books/moonology-cards/

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