What does happiness mean to you? Most of us realize at a certain point in life that success, money, beauty, and so on do not equate to fulfillment and feeling content in life. Yet we still, for some reason, pursue these perceived means of happiness relentlessly. When we finally wake up to the truth, our whole lives can transform. My guest this week, Brandi Hudson, experience this first hand and now puts all her energy into helping others find true joy in their lives. Brandi is an Intuitive & Happiness Coach who created a process to offer a foundation for others for living on purpose called BASE: Beliefs, Alignments, Self Awareness, Emotions. Brandi had the experience of obtaining the life of her dreams; money, success, working with high profile companies. Yet she still felt unfulfilled, realizing she needed a sense of purpose, meaning,, connection & living a life of purpose with a Divine Feminine sense of worth, value, and love.

On this guest episode, Brandi and I have an incredible conversation about stepping into our power and recognizing that fulfillment is a continuous journey. Brandi shares how she helps female entrepreneurs align with financial success & realize that the path of fulfillment is a state of being & one worth following. 

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Brandi Hudson is a sought-after Happiness Coach and Motivational Speaker known for her ability to help individuals unlock their highes potential and live authentically. With nearly two decades of experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, Brandi is an accomplished leader and strategic thinker. She has held various leadership positions throughout her career, including serving as the Vice President of Sales for multiple organizations covering the United States and Canada. Brandi had revenue responsibility of over $250 Million and had the pleasure of leading large organizations. Brandi has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, such as Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Eli Lilly, and Pfizer. Her vast experience, significant success, and expertise have helped her become a proven Leadership and Strategy expert. Brandi’s journey to becoming a Motivational Speaker and Happiness Coach began when she realized that, similar to her lived experience, many high-achieving individuals feel like something is still missing. She founded Brandi Mechele to help people change the paradigm from believing that success is the key to happiness to understanding that happiness must be its own goal. Brandi partners with her clients on their journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth, ultimately helping them increase their happiness set point, which results in aligning with success much more easily.

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