There’s something about travel. Embarking on an adventure, setting out to explore new places, or simply heading out to enjoy one of your favorite day trip destinations. The movement, novelty, change in scenery, or exposure to different cultures, environments, cuisines. It can all have a powerful impact on your views and ideas about life, the World, & yourself. I wanted to release this episode now because this week I’ve embarked on a 14 day road trip with two lovely friends through 5 different states. Just a few days in and I’m already feeling the unique beauty, challenges, and sense of wonder that only travel experiences can offer.

On this Identify and Heal Solo episode, I take off into the atmosphere of one of my favorite topics, travel! I share about my personal experience of growth and metamorphosis propelled by travel and how living a nomadic life for the past 2 years has changed me. Then I offer some ways that travel impacts us mind, body, and soul & hopefully inspire & encourage listeners to consider if it might be time to set sail & explore new shores!

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