What would happen if you removed any conditions you have for loving yourself? What would it be like to have a fully expressed love and acceptance of yourself regardless of any outside circumstances, events, or situations in your life? This is the idea of unconditionality. That something can exist purely and eternally no matter what happens. Another word for this state could be, Heaven. When we live conditionally it means that we hold a thought, feeling or belief (I love myself, I accept myself, I believe in myself) only when certain outside circumstances support that thought, feeling, or belief. Should anything change, so does our feelings of love, belief, regard, and acceptance. This state of being could be referred to as, Hell. As it means you are at the whim of what happens to you, how other people treat you, what you’re able to achieve or look like to maintain positive regard for yourself. Do you see the distinction?

On this episode I go deeper into Conditional vs Unconditional love; how conditionality (fear) primarily governs our World in this current time and how moving into a state of unconditionality (love) will be the biggest game changer our World has ever seen. I explain some of the ways that conditional love show up within ourselves and in society, the repercussions of that, how to identify the difference between conditionality and unconditionality, and how to begin embody unconditionality which leads to true peace and freedom. 

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