When this week’s guest, author Patricia Crisafulli, and I first got on a call together she expressed that she wasn’t quite sure if she would be the right fit for my audience. She wondered if Creative Fiction was “spiritual” enough for the show. After all of 30 seconds talking we both decided,  of course it is! What could be more Spiritual than Divine Creation of stories, ideas, and expressions of the Human experience? Patricia believes that stories – all stories – hold deep truths. They’re the “myths of meaning” for our own time. As we capture, polish, share, and retell our stories, we find layers of new meaning. They don’t have to be autobiographical to show us either our current world-view or an alternate world-view. 

On this episode Patricia shares some unique concepts from her journey as a creative writer including writing as an act of faith & why we have to find the courage – and give ourselves the permission – to believe deeply in ourselves and the importance of our stories. How the writer’s path is one of rejection – and redirection. It’s simply part of the process. And how we all need to find ways to become empowered – not defeated – as we face, process, and ultimately move beyond the “no” and reach the “yes.”

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Patricia Crisafulli is an award-winning writer and a New York Times bestselling author. Her first novel, The Secrets of Ohnita Harbor, was published by Woodhall Press in 2022, and her second, The Secrets of Still Waters Chasm, was published in September 2023. She received a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Northwestern University and is the founder and editor of an e-literary site, www.FaithHopeandFiction.com  – and follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/triciacrisafulli/